We used the harness tonight for the first time and what a difference!

I think she was actually purring as she moseyed around the bathroom.

SO RELIEVED as administering fluids has been a nightmare up until

now. If I could give you a hug,

I would!!


Sophie thanks you, too!!


All the best!


Mary C.

 The harness is absolutely amazing!!!  I had originally bought a

restraint bag and although Missy submitted to it she complained
throughout the whole procedure and it was very stressful for both
of us.  I brought her into the bathroom to try out the harness and
although I was nervous at first, it turned out to be so easy for both
of us.  Wonderful invention you have come up with. 

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,


Thank you very much for the quick sending of my order even to

The Netherlands.

It took about 6 days to arrive here.

It is the solution for giving subcutaneous fluid therapy to cats.

My cat is very happy now and I can use a much smaller needle

because my cat is comfortabel.


Thank you again. I gave a copy of the instructions to my



Many greetings,


Manon R.


I can't thank you enough for the EZ I.V. Harness!! We have a very strong

male cat, Sprocket, who is a difficult patient. His kidney disease progressed

to the point that he needed sub q fluids, but we were afraid that we were

going to have to abandon a life saving/extending treatment for him because

of the stress on him and, subsequently, us. That's until I found the EZ I.V. 

Harness online. I can't even express what a difference it makes in the

experience! Now it's literally no big deal for any of us. We love him so much

and any additional time we have with him is precious. This "simple" device

is absolutely ingenious and priceless. 


Necessity is the mother of invention and I'm happy to support your

ingenuity! I am spreading the word every way I know how!


Thank you, again!


Christine L.

  I think the iv harness is a lifesaver. I wouldn't dream of

returning it. Especially now that I know what I'm doing.

We are so thankful for your product.


Thank you Kim!

Jennifer G.

Yes, we received it yesterday. I was away yesterday so my

husband tried it out. He said it works well, especially since

our 21 yr. old cat doesn't move around alot.


Lynne O.

 thank you for your kindness.

He is my first cat with renal failure, and so far down the road already
before I knew about it.

This is really a roller coaster and quite a challenge, but I'm positive

that we can make it...
and your ingenious harness will help us a lot.

Greetings to Minnesota from Berlin,

Sabine S.

There's a special place in heaven for the creators of this!  Found your
video on YouTube after 4 failed attempts with our Tiger. Made a mock
harness until ours
arrives in the mail. Thank you SO much!!!
Robin & Brian M.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I have tried the harness just once so far. I did not have anyone available to help me when

I came home to find that my kitty wasn't doing well after getting less than half her dosage

 in earlier that day due to squirming. It was time for an emergency subq dosage.  So, I tried

the EZIV for my first time by myself. I had a couple "mistakes" that I would like to share. 


1) I took out the needle without having the needle cap within reach. 


I am embarrassed because it seems such an obvious, but maybe others might make my silly

mistake. That was the worst part. So, I had a needle in one hand and was trying to take off

the line velcroed on with the other hand. Not a good moment. 


2) I think that I pushed the black Velcro line strap down to the harness a little too firmly.

 It was kinda hard to get off. (of course I would rather that it be too secure than not secure

 enough) I think that next time, I won't push the line strap to the harness quite so firmly so

 it is easier to take off. 


Thanks so much!

Tamara S.