Our Story

For 3 years, we treated our beloved cat Tigger for Chronic Renal Failure by giving him Subcutaneous (Sub Q) Fluids a couple nights per week, and sometimes it was a challenge. He finally lost his battle with the disease on October 8th, 2011. The hydration he had received from the treatment extended and improved his quality of life. Shortly after his passing, his sister Christi was diagnosed with the same disease, but she resisted emphatically to the process. Two of us could not control her while she rejected the treatment. After a never ending internet search for tips, ideas, & solutions, we found nothing that could help us. We were forced to bring her to the vet for treatment until one day we decided that if we were going to give her treatment at home, we had to create something that works. 


After several weeks of trial and error during the design process, the EZ I.V. Harness was born! We could finally give Christi Sub Q Fluids alone with very little stress to anyone. The harness keeps the needle and I.V. line intact, while our eyes and hands are free to monitor the fluid bag and work the on/off valve. The EZ I.V. Harness changed our lives, saved us costly vet bills, and made Christi's treatment less stressful for her, and us. Christi lost her battle with Chronic Renal Failure in May 2012. In honor of our beloved Tigger, inspired by Christi, we hope it can take the stress off of all pet owners & the pets who need this treatment. Even if you don't have resistance problems with your pet, the EZ I.V. Harness makes the treatment experience easier than ever before.